Miltec UV is celebrating 25 Years of Excellence

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Miltec UV, located at 146 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, Maryland, USA is celebrating 25 years of business in the UV Industry. Founded in December of 1989 as a distributor of UV curing products, Joe and Marilyn Blandford were joined shortly thereafter by sons, Bob and Charles Blandford. The Board of Directors include Marilyn Blandford (CEO), Robert (Bob) Blandford (President), Joe Blandford (Vice President of Global Sales), and Charles Blandford (Senior Vice President).

During these 25 years, Miltec has grown from four employees to over 65, beginning as a distributor and transforming into a global UV equipment manufacturer. Miltec is unique in that it offers both microwave powered and arc lamp systems to its customers, who represent about 30 major industries. Miltec’s research and development division, Miltec UV International, LLC, is a major part of the business, always looking at innovative ways to optimize the use of UV technology. Currently, the company has a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) contract to develop processes to utilize UV technology in the production of lithium ion batteries to reduce cost in vehicle technology.

Along with being chosen as a top vendor by many of its customers, the company was a winner of the 2012 IWF’s Challenger’s Award for its innovative HPI Gloss Control UV Curing System. Miltec’s President, Bob Blandford was honored as a finalist for the International Leadership Award by the Maryland Trade Center Institute in 2013.

Miltec has set a new benchmark for UV curing equipment making their systems the clear choice for those interested in maximizing production and profits. Miltec’s reputation has been consistent with its mission of building long term relationships with customers; they continue to provide high quality products at reasonable prices with excellent customer service, while continually upholding a high code of ethics.

Miltec UV continues to thrive while overcoming many challenges and changes throughout the years, and has been the most appreciative and proud of the loyal customers who have been part of their success. As new opportunities arise in the coming years, Miltec looks forward to furthering growth and service with both new and past customers.


About Miltec UV:
Miltec UV has been servicing the UV industry for 25 Years and is a global leader and manufacturer of both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems. Miltec offers a wide range of quality UV parts, standard equipment and custom systems and services designed to interface with existing or new manufacturing production lines. These systems serve a broad diversity of industry-specific applications and market segments. Among the many applications supported are: optical fiber, wire, metal decorating, wood flooring, cabinets, automotive products and many other industries.

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