Miltec UV International Makes Giant Strides in Lithium-ion Battery Technology

Stevensville, MD – Miltec UV, 146 Log Canoe Circle ( has introduced a NEW revolutionary technology, the first of its kind. This new high-speed coating and curing technology is performed using Miltec’s new CX400 which reduces the cost of improving the safety performance of lithium-ion battery batteries in all lithium-ion battery applications including HEV, PHEV, and EV as well as consumer electronics and grid energy storage. The CX 400 is a compact, high speed coating and UV curing system specifically designed for precision coating of ceramic coatings on polyolefin separators. Its capabilities include:

  • Precision coating from 1-10 µm thickness
  • Water based proven UV curable binder
  • Up to 405 mm coating width
  • High speed coating and curing to 120 m/min
  • Can coat any separator films with a wide range of ceramic particles

Now available for commercial applications, Miltec UV will be taking their innovative technology and expanding to the US and international markets in 2018. In addition, they will be exhibiting at several lithium-ion battery trade shows and working hand in hand with battery manufacturers. Miltec UV currently has their lab open and welcomes manufacturers for testing.  Their in-house team is made up of many exceptional scientists including team leads, Dr. John Arnold and Mr. Gary Voelker.

Miltec UV has been servicing the UV industry for 28 years and sustaining its global leadership in manufacturing for both arc and microwave ultraviolet curing systems.  They offer standard UV equipment and custom designed systems to interface with existing or new manufacturing production lines.

For information, you may contact Sales at 410-604-2900.